It is our mission to provide a sense of care and belonging to youth who do not have a permanent home. We foster healthy relationships to instill hope and promise in our youth that they are deserving of love and support from the people in their lives.


It is the vision of Manuch, Inc. that every child will develop the self-belief necessary to achieve their maximum potential. Each child will discover their true personal identity, values and capabilities. They will grow up with the confidence necessary to fully apply themselves in all aspects of their lives.


Manuch, Inc. serves a diverse youth population with unique backgrounds. We have a highly qualified team of caring and nurturing professionals who value the opportunity to effect change in the lives of young people. This honorable commitment of excellence is assured by these core values:

    • Clients are our number one priority and focus. We provide the necessary services to help each client feel at home.
    • Safety is above all else, and our clients can feel safe and welcome.
    • Positivity is key to helping clients reach their full potential.
    • Our staff is trained and certified to help each client no matter what their needs require.
    • We make sure to involve all clients in the home during events in or out of the home.
    • Staff will always be available to the clients at the highest level of care possible and committed 100% to the well-being and happiness of each client.
    • We incorporate family bonding and trust into activities to help clients open up and feel comfortable.
    • We have programs set up to create teamwork and interaction between clients.
    • We provide clients with the necessary guidance to graduate our program and further succeed in life.
  • Our operations are carried out with high standards of accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We treat all clients with respect, dignity and fairness and are sensitive to their race, ethnicity, language, beliefs, sexuality, and gender identity.